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There are many queries around the web that what to be done or how to install office from office.com/setup website.Though the process is simple and self explainatory however some might face difficulty to understand the steps.

After purchasing office setup application one need to visit www.office.com/setup website and enter product key which is available on CD/DVD or received via registered email id. Once user has opend www.office.com/setup website user needs to put some basic information to sign in to microsoft account such as registed user id/name, email id, registered mobile number, and 25 character office setup key and start downloading the application.

After downloading complete application user needs to hit the installation file which is having extention .exe and follow instruction to complete the office setup.

office setup login

Step 1 : Visit office.com/setup and Login to microsoft account

Enter Microsoft office product Key

Step 2 : Enter Microsoft Office Product Key

Office Setup Installation

Step 3 : click for office setup installation

Microsoft office Product

Microsoft Office Product

Microsoft office application consist of many products such as Word, Powerpoint, project, outlook, excel, access, visio, onenote etc. The mostly used product are Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.User gets Complete package from www.office.com/setup website.There are multiple application in single office setup package which can be used by different purpose by profesionals.

office 365 setup

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an integral part of complete package which is widely used by professionals and non-professionals. User can use office 365 without downloading complete application. User can register online and start using webmail, word, powerpoint and other product of office setup.Activation process is simlar as stated before by entering office setup key to office.com/setup website.
MS Office Setup Support

Office Setup Support

There will be possiblilty that while downloading or installing application user may face issues such as downloading error , firewall, corrupted file, multiple use of code or any other tuning issue.Microsoft having 24x7 support to resolve these type of issues.user can directly chat or call to support number mentioned on www.office.com/setup website.

Use Of Microsoft Office?

Use of microsoft office depends on the requirment by user.When you are buying microsoft office you should be carefull while setting it up as use for business and personal is different. In Personal use of microsoft office you should be using only one copy in your personal laptop/desktop/tab or any other device. However when you are buying it for business use you may require multiple copies of it. In business purpose there are mutiple microsoft product which is downloaded from www.office.com/setup and require technical support for installation in multiple device which will be connected.Elementry requirment is outlook application.

Office setup is very easy to install, download and redeem product key. Use of it is also simple and the user can learn the use of it easily. There are multiple online help options are also available in all application which provides an instant technical support

If you would like to manage office setup susbcription, reinstall it, make it auto renewal or install it on your device, Microsoft had made a single account to manage office myaccount page which can be access from office.com/myaccount where all these option are availalbe.

application is having complete pack of all product which is having different advantages and use in perosnal or business perspactive. Some of them are:

Microsoft office all Products

microsoft office Product detail
Microsoft Office Setup application consist of of many products like PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Setup word, Microsoft Office Setup excel, Outlook, Microsoft Office Setup visio, Microsoft Office Setup OneNote, Microsoft Office Setup Project, Microsoft Office Setup Access, Microsoft Office Setup Publisher and many others. Each Product has own features use and benefits. Below are some Basic Uses of Products:
  • Microsoft Office Setup Word :
    • Use Type : Personal and Business
    • Detail : For Making Text or write up documents
  • Microsoft Office Setup Power Point
    • Use Type : Personal and Business
    • Detail : For Making Presentation, It has many feature for making effective prenstation such as animation, sound effect, slide shows
  • Microsoft Office Setup Outlook
    • Use Type : Business
    • Detail : For Sending mails with in organisation or out side organisation
  • Microsoft Office Setup Visio
    • Use Type : Business
    • Detail : For Making business Diagrams and charts for flows
  • Microsoft Office Setup OneNote
    • Use Type : Personal and Business
    • Detail : For Making important notes
  • Microsoft Office Setup Project
    • Use Type : Business
    • Detail : For Making effective planning for projects with start and end date of each item which calculate time required in complete project
  • Microsoft Office Setup Access
    • Use Type : Personal and Business
    • Detail : For large amount of Data crucnhing and sorting
  • Microsoft Office Setup Excel
    • Use Type : Personal and Business
    • Detail : For data mining, making formulas, business calculation, creation of forms and effective reporting

Office 365 Online Use

Office 365
If You want to use office online rather downloading and seting it up on your device ( Primerly for Personal use), you can do it and access is any where even if you dont have your device along with you. This can be possible using office 365.

Office 365 will have all the feature mentioend above however it will remain in clooud rather then on your device. Office setup process is same as above mentioned. for support visit support.office.com

Online Microsoft Office Support

Office Setup Support
Though Setup of office is very easy and also use is simple, however there are scanarios where use may face issue while setting up the complete office setup even after successfull download from office.com/setup. there are many support avaialbe online which can be accessed in terms of online documentations,online chat, email and phone support.

Office Setup

office setup
You can query for office setup support from official website