How to Add Connectors Between Shapes in Microsoft Visio?

How to Add Connectors Between Shapes in Microsoft Visio?

Visio makes it simple to interface shapes in your illustration. You can utilize AutoConnect to associate shapes as you include them, and you can interface existing shapes by utilizing the Connector device.

You can likewise change the shapes that show up in the small scale toolbar and turn AutoConnect on or off.


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Automatically connect a shape


One approach to associate shapes is to give Visio a chance to interface them consequently when you add shape to a page. This is particularly advantageous when you are making a flowchart.

Ensure that AutoConnect is dynamic. On the View tab, in the Visual Aids gathering, check that AutoConnect is chosen.

Drag a shape from the Shapes sheet to the page.

Hold the pointer over the shape until the point when AutoConnect bolts show up around the shape.

Hold the pointer over the bolt toward the path you need to include a shape.

A little toolbar gives the idea that contains the initial four Quick Shapes that are as of now in the Quick Shapes stencil. When you point at a shape on the toolbar, Visio shows a see of that shape on the page.


Tap the shape you need to include.

In the event that you need to proceed with, point to an AutoConnect bolt on a recently added shape to include another shape that will likewise be consequently associated.


Associate shapes as of now on the page

On the Home tab, in the Tools gathering, click Connector Button picture or press Ctrl+3.

Snap a shape and drag a connector to another shape.

When you’re set, click Pointer Tool Select Objects on the Home tab in the Tools gathering or press Ctrl+1.


Use alternative connector shapes


Any connector shapes, for example, those accessible on the More Shapes > Visio Extras > Connectors stencil can be utilized to interface shapes together as opposed to utilizing the default Dynamic connector shape.

These connector shapes can be moved on to a page, chose for use with the Connector and Connect Shapes devices, or basically used to supplant existing connectors.


Open the stencil that contains the elective connector shapes.

Select the current connectors on the page to be supplanted.

On the Home tab in the Editing gathering, click Change Shape, and after that select the connector shape you need.


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Turn AutoConnect on or off


You can actuate and deactivate AutoConnect for the present illustration or as a default for all Visio illustrations.

Turn AutoConnect on or off in the dynamic outline

On the View tab, in the Visual Aids gathering, select or clear AutoConnect.

On the off chance that the AutoConnect check box isn’t accessible, check whether AutoConnect has been killed for all charts by playing out the accompanying system.


Turn AutoConnect on or off in all diagrams


1. Tap the File tab, and after that snap Options.

2. In Visio Options, click Advanced.

3. Under Editing choices, select Enable AutoConnect to initiate AutoConnect. Clear the AutoConnect check box to deactivate AutoConnect.

4. Snap OK.


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