How to Call Microsoft Outlook Contacts in Skype?

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You can demonstrate your Microsoft Outlook contacts in Skype and call them with a little Skype Credit or a membership. In the event that you do this, all contacts in your Outlook address book with a telephone number will be shown in your contact list.


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Viewpoint contacts will just show up in Skype on the PC where your Outlook address book is put away. So on the off chance that you sign in to Skype on another PC you won’t see your Outlook contacts in Skype. In any case, when you include or import contacts, they will show up in your Contact list regardless of where you sign in from.


To empower Show Outlook contacts, in the menu bar click Contacts > Show Outlook Contacts. When you have done this, your Outlook contacts will be appeared in your contact list.


To channel your contact rundown to show just your Outlook contacts, in your contact list tap the dropdown bolt by All contacts and select Microsoft Office Outlook.


You can call an Outlook contact similarly as you would call some other Skype contact, however you will require a little Skype Credit or a membership.

Note that if the Outlook contact has more than one number put away, you will see numerous tabs in the calling region.

Select the tab for the number you need to call and afterward tap the green call catch. You should refresh an Outlook contact’s data in Outlook before it can be refreshed in Skype.

At whatever point you refresh or include another contact in Outlook, and wish to show them in Skype, you should empower and afterward re-empower Show Outlook Contacts.


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