All About Content Delivery Networks

All About Content Delivery Networks

(Content Delivery Networks) CDNs help keep Office 365 fast and reliable for end users. With CDNs, cloud services like Office 365 quickly download generic content, like icons, to your users’ browser when they’re using the service through a web client.



How do CDNs Make Services Work Faster?


Downloading regular things like symbols again and again can take up arrange data transfer capacity that can be better utilized for downloading essential individual substance, similar to email or records.

Since Office 365 utilizations an engineering that incorporates CDNs, the symbols, contents, and other nonexclusive substance can be downloaded from servers nearer to customer PCs, making the downloads quicker.

This implies quicker access to your own substance, which is safely put away in Office 365 datacenters.


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What is a CDN?


The Office 365 CDN is included as part of your SharePoint Online subscription. You don’t have to pay extra for it. Office 365 provides support for both private and public access and allows you to host static assets in multiple locations, or origins.


Your client requests data from Office 365.

Office 365 either returns the data directly to your client or directs your client to a CDN.

If the data is already cached at the CDN, your client downloads the data directly from the nearest CDN location to your client on the internet.

If the data isn’t cached at the CDN, the CDN node requests the data from Office 365 and then cache’s the data for a period of time after your client downloads the data.


Can I use my own CDN and Cache Content on my Local Network?


We’re continually looking for new ways to support our customers needs and are currently exploring the use of caching proxy solutions and other on-premises CDN solutions.

How can I Secure my Network with all these 3rd Party Services?


Leveraging an extensive set of partner services allows Office 365 to scale and meet availability requirements as well as enhance the user experience when using Office 365.

The 3rd party services Office 365 leverages include both certificate revocation lists; such as or, and CDNs; such as

Every CDN FQDN Office 365 uses is a custom FQDN for Office 365, if you’re sent to a FQDN at the request of Office 365 you can be assured that we control the FQDN and the underlying content at that location.


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