How to Make a Table Query in Microsoft Access?

How to Make a Table Query in Microsoft Access?

The data in this article discloses how to make and run a make table inquiry in Access. You utilize an influence table inquiry when you to need to duplicate the information in a table, document information, or maybe spare question comes about as a table.


In the event that you have to change or refresh some portion of the information in a current arrangement of records, for example, at least one fields, you can utilize a refresh question.


Make a Table Query:


You make a make table question by first making a select inquiry, and afterward changing over it to an influence table to inquiry. Your select inquiry can utilize ascertained fields and articulations to help restore the information that you require.

The accompanying advances disclose how to make and change over the question. On the off chance that you as of now have a select inquiry that fits your necessities, you can skip ahead to the means for changing over the select question and running the influence table to inquiry.


Visit : to install & activate office.


Make the select Query


1. On the Create tab, in the Queries gathering, click Query Design. Note, in case you’re utilizing Access 2007, on the Create tab, in the Other gathering, click Query Design.

2. In the Show Table exchange box, double tap the tables from which you need to recover information. Each table shows up as a window in the upper segment of the inquiry originator. Snap Close when have wrapped up the tables.

3. In each table, double tap the field or fields that you need to use in your inquiry. Each field shows up in a clear cell in the Field line of the plan framework. This figure demonstrates the plan framework with a few table fields included.

4. Alternatively, add any articulations to the Field push.

5. Alternatively, add any criteria to the Criteria column of the plan lattice.

6. Snap Run Button picture to run the question and show the outcomes in a datasheet.

7. Alternatively, change your fields, articulations, or criteria and rerun the inquiry until the point that it restores the information that you need to put in your new table.


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Change over the select Query


1. Open your select inquiry in Design view, or change to Design see. Access gives a few different ways to do this:

• If you have the inquiry open in a datasheet, right-tap the record tab for your question and snap Design View.

• If the inquiry is shut, in the Navigation Pane, right-tap the question and snap Design View on the alternate way menu.


2. On the Design tab, in the Query Type gathering, click Make Table.


3. In the Table Name box, enter a name for the new table.


4. Complete one of the accompanying:


• Place the new table in the present database

– If it isn’t as of now chose, click Current Database, and afterward click OK.

– Click Run Button picture , and after that snap Yes to affirm the task.


• Place the new table in another database

– Click Another Database.

– In the File Name box, enter the area and record name of the other database.

– Click OK to close the primary Make Table exchange box.

– Click Run Button picture , and after that snap Yes to affirm the task.


For more details, visit : Create a make table query


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