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Today I endeavored to refresh venture properties through a VBA Macro.

So above all else my undertaking property is called “Ace Project” and this is a straightforward content field. I need this field to contain the name of the ace undertaking with the goal that I can show this in my perspectives in Project Web App 2013

In my macros I’m burnning through the sub extends inside my lord venture when I open my lord venture. The variable subproj is holding the subproject.

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Enough foundation currently it’s a great opportunity to take a gander at the genuine refreshing of the custom Enterprise Project property.

Initial step – Get the field ID for the Master Project field:

fld = ActiveProject.Application.FieldNameToFieldConstant(“Master Project”, pjProject)

At that point get the present an incentive as I would prefer not to refresh it on the off chance that it has been set previously.

FieldVal = subproj.SourceProject.ProjectSummaryTask.GetField(ActiveProject.Application.FieldNameToFieldConstant(“Master Project”, pjProject))

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The last advance contrast if the esteem has with be changed or not and transform it on the off chance that it has changed:

On the off chance that FieldVal ActiveProject.Name Then

subproj.SourceProject.ProjectSummaryTask.SetField fld, ActiveProject.Name

End If

Not troublesome, but rather I couldn’t discover anyplace to do this. So ideally someone will spare some time with this article. In the event that you do please tell me.

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