The most effective method to Migrate to Office 365’s OneDrive for Business from Google Drive

The most effective method to Migrate to Office 365's OneDrive for Business from Google Drive

So you’ve at last chosen to bounce straight into the profound end and relocate from Google Drive over to Office 365’s OneDrive! I’m certain you’ve had the thought in the back of your set out toward a long while. Google Drive was fine for now yet the OneDrive’s additional functionalities most likely wound up defeating you. However one inquiry remains: how would I continue? This article will walk you through this strategy:

  • Set up your source envelope.
  • Associate with the goal
  • Pick records you need to move
  • Effectively move your records to OneDrive

Despite the fact that Sharegate was fundamentally intended for SharePoint to SharePoint relocations, it likewise underpins bringing in from arrange drives, record offers and document frameworks.

Install office 365:

Where Do You Start Your OneDrive Migration?

The initial step is to have the source set up accurately. Most Google Drive clients as of now have a ‘mapped Google envelope’ on their PC. On the off chance that it isn’t the situation, here is the means by which to set one up:

You can basically download it to your machine by tapping on Download Google Drive situated in the settings menu or from the Install on your machine symbol on the left, contingent upon the variant of Google Drive you are utilizing.

When you have tapped on the download catch, the installer will be downloaded to your machine. Once the procedure is finished, you can just open it so the establishment can start.

After Google Drive has been introduced, enter your qualifications to synchronize it with your record.

By then, the Drive is totally designed. For your situation, you will have the capacity to utilize it similarly as another organizer in your C: Drive (or the chose drive amid the establishment)

Step by step instructions to Migrate from Google Drive to OneDrive

Begin Your Migration to Office 365’s OneDrive with Sharegate

The main activity here is to download Sharegate. Next, moving from Google Drive to OneDrive in Office 365 is super simple. The Import is a breeze: once in the Sharegate, tap the relocation tab on the left, select Import to SharePoint and interface with the coveted goal site. At that point, select the goal library or the area where you need to duplicate the substance.

Step by step instructions to Migrate from Google Drive to OneDrive

Hand Pick the Content You Want to Migrate

Once the goal has been picked, just select the coveted substance to be transported in while keeping the first creators and timestamps.

Get ms office installed now: Install office 

The most effective method to Migrate from Google Drive to OneDrive

A Migration so Simple, a Child Could Do It

As should be obvious, it is an exceptionally straightforward process. The immense thing is that any end client can run this activity as long as he has full control over the goal library.

Step by step instructions to Migrate from Google Drive to OneDrive

On the other hand, you can mechanize the import procedure by utilizing the Sharegate Migration Shell. You would just need to determine the source envelope area and the goal site. You will discover extra data on this choice alongside the diverse summons in the Powershell segment of our Documentation.

\I trust this will help you on your trip to the cloud! For more points of interest, make certain to investigate what Sharegate can improve the situation you as far as encouraging with your relocation to Office 365

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