Select Page – With today’s world, The 21st century marks the year of great future in the tech industry.

Not just the hardware but the software have grown from a large leap. Taking this, We have a lot of big companies that have developed amazing software and have turned the software world upside down with the revolutionary software they have developed. The artificial intelligence has become too advanced that it now can run cars on its own and can literally write a speech for you. - the latest AI functionalty – the latest AI functionalty

So Microsoft, one of the biggest software development company and now also a hardware manufacturer has tried a lot to get into many fields but has only made it to some with their products. Microsoft earlier tried to go against the arch-rival Apple with their Windows Mobile OS on the Nokia Accusation, but they have failed miserably to the iOS and the Andriod OS. Microsoft also planned to go against the Apple tablets and Google OS and phones but again failed miserably to the technology possed by the Apple and Google.

Google is one of the biggest internet company and is running the leading Mobile OS, Android, Though android is an open source operating system and is almost running on Most of the Smartphones that we possess but is one of the best marketing across the world. While as Apple is still struggling with the high demand of Android OS and high prices of their device, Apple is still connected to Luxury and Class. Apple has become a style statement for most people. Apple product is usually high in cost and less in features but the technology is always presented in a way that other rivals lose sales from it.

Microsoft still has one head start in the market of productivity and computer operating systems. Being on top of Operating systems for PC’s and being one of the top developers for Productivity software. Microsoft is the first company to introduce AI to productivity tools. Microsoft also intends to introduce Microsoft Office to the latest applications that have recently been added to Office Productivity suite. This is not the first time that Microsoft has done something great with the product line they already have. Microsoft is one of the most important companies that develop software in public interest. They have introduced great Artificial intelligence in the productivity which can further be improved and turned into a power pack productivity tool. This is easily among the best software present in the market. Office 365 and 2019 will soon be introduced to new AI functionality and with that being the best feature added so far. You can also check the new and the latest features on the Office at or simply set it up on your own pc or other devices by visiting the link