Select Page – It is not the first time that this has happened in the world of software that software has been banned in the country or someplace.

A lot of apps and software get banned in many countries for some reason and this time the target is one of the best productivity tools, sold abundantly in the whole world. Microsoft Office has been banned in German schools recently over the fears of Privacy terms. this has been the latest development in the world of Microsoft Office software. Microsoft Office has some terms and conditions that apparently is not good for the students of the German schools and has been finally banned after a struggle.

Microsoft office is not just software that is used by the local and business people but is also used and sold separately for students. Microsoft has been focusing on selling its product line in a separate package for the students to improve sales and accessibility. The prices vary accordingly and the flexibility of selling Office is not just limited to students but is also separately sold in bulk to Schools and universities too. Students now, Mostly use Microsoft Office to write assignments and create presentations and with the additional software adding up the lineup now the students have more liberty to pull off greater work.

German officials have claimed that the software sold by Microsoft can possibly be accessed by US officials and can create privacy issues for the students of the German schools. This could be a possible threat to the students and even teachers. This according to the Germans mean that any data put on the Office can be breached. Though recent debates by security agencies have ruled out any of the claims done by the Germans.

This whole case has got us thinking if we should be using Office at all or it is just a hoax. We can wait for the official statement that actually makes sense from the Microsoft Office team as soon as possible.